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Welcome to the Office of Collaborative Research!

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We are the strategic hub of ImmunoX and the Parnassus Institutes at UCSF, dedicated to advancing research and fostering meaningful collaborations that bridge our clinical and research enterprises.

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We believe collaboration is key to solving complex human health challenges

At UCSF, we are dedicated to empowering our researchers by actively removing barriers to collaboration. Our unique approach includes personalized matchmaking for researchers, strategic funding support, and expert project management. This support fosters an environment where innovation thrives, making groundbreaking discoveries not just possible but expected.

We're lowering the burden on researchers to do their best research.

About us


Our History

Established in 2022, the Office of Collaborative Research set out with a mandate to streamline the inception and management of clinical research projects. We fostered a collaborative research environment by dismantling regulatory and infrastructure barriers and promoting resource sharing. Beginning with a lean but dedicated team, our Office was entrusted with the management of the Immunoprofiler ($20M) and AutoImmunoprofiler ($8M) Consortia. Our Office integrated closely with clinical groups and the CoLabs. We developed bespoke clinical databases and devised internal sample tracking forms, crucial tools that guaranteed the achievement of milestones and delivery of project deliverables. In less than a year, not only have our operations scaled to oversee an increased number of projects, but our suite of services has also expanded. Today, we proudly offer research development services alongside data management and sharing capabilities.


Our Culture

Our culture is deeply committed to inclusivity and diversity, demonstrated not only in our work environment but also in our proactive initiatives. We foster a space where creativity and innovation thrive, and every idea is valuable, creating a collaborative and supportive atmosphere among team members. Our Community Manager enhances engagement within the ImmunoX community, providing crucial support to groups like ImmunoDiverse and IgEquity. Furthering our dedication to diversity, we allocate funds specifically for researchers who are underrepresented minorities and projects aimed at diversifying patient sample cohorts across various dimensions. Actively forging connections with other research programs at Parnassus, we share resources and insights while contributing to a robust Community of Practice for individuals passionate about their transformative work. This commitment to collaborative and inclusive practice not only fortifies our internal community but also amplifies the efficacy and impact of the solutions we offer to our clients.


Integrating with Clinics and the CoLabs

We serve as a vital link between researchers and clinical groups, particularly assisting those who are inexperienced in obtaining clinical samples and uncertain about initiating the process. Our experienced Clinical Research Coordinators meticulously navigate regulatory compliance, crafting and maintaining IRB protocols, conducting patient recruitment, and facilitating transport of samples to the lab. Our collaboration extends to close alignment with the CoLabs, where we devise and integrate instruments and processes that synchronize efficiently with their workflows. This partnership, grounded in strong communication and working relationships, ensures timely and effective data transfer into the Data Library. Moreover, our versatility allows us to effectively collaborate with individual labs, aiding in the development and refinement of processes and workflows to accommodate a broad spectrum of research requirements.



Our Services

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Research Development

We foster a vibrant research ecosystem by facilitating collaborations, establishing clinical sample pipelines, and providing comprehensive grant writing support, all aimed at enabling researchers to excel and innovate in a collaborative and data sharing environment.

Clinical Coordination & Project Management

Our dedicated team ensures seamless project management from start to finish, handling coordination, resource allocation, and proactive problem-solving, thereby enabling researchers to stay on track, meet timelines, and achieve impactful results.

Data Management & Sharing

We offer consultations, data curation, storage, and accessibility services. Adhere to guidelines, promote accessibility, and drive scientific advancement with our comprehensive Data Management and Sharing (DMS) plans.

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The OCR integrates and works closely with clinical teams and research laboratories, including the CoLabs, to setup and execute new research projects.

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Our People

Our team is a diverse group of professionals, each possessing cross-functional expertise. We work collaboratively to harness our collective knowledge and experience. This collaborative ethos not only sparks innovative solutions but also fosters a culture of inclusivity, which is pivotal for driving scientific progress.

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